50 Random Things I’ve Said in the Last 48 Hours

2 Feb

Congratulations parents, you are all molding young, impressionable minds and hearts with your everyday words and actions.

I hope you take this responsibility as seriously as I do.

Since our kids are, well, kids, it means they WILL do dumb stuff. Say dumb stuff. Eat stuff. Lick stuff. Obviously it’s because they don’t know better yet, and no reflection whatsoever on our parenting. Duh.

That’s why the next time you say #1 or #9 or #23 or #45, don’t scoff at the level of crazy in your conversation.

Feel blessed for you are doing GOD’S WORK.

50 Random Things I’ve Said in the Last 48 Hours (and you probably have, too):

  1. Don’t stick the popcorn up your nose and eat it.
  2. Just because it has a hole doesn’t mean you stick your finger in it.
  3. You are fed, warm, safe and loved.
  4. No, treadmills are not for toddlers.
  5. Tell me how you’re going to be responsible playing outside.
  6. I understand, but no.
  7. I was not born yesterday.
  8. You can’t have a sucker for breakfast.
  9. Did you wipe?
  10. Let’s get your hands.
  11. No, you can’t have popcorn for breakfast.
  12. Let’s get your mouth.
  13. You can’t go to Ma and Pa’s house, they’re at work.
  14. Ew, you stink.
  15. What is this sticky stuff in your hair?
  16. No, we can’t have ice cream every night after dinner.
  17. Because I said so.
  18. How did you already lose it when we just found it?
  19. What do you have in your mouth?
  20. No, sir.
  21. No, mam.
  22. I said NO.
  23. Use a tissue not your sleeve.
  24. Don’t stick your hands in the potty.
  25. You will come when I call you.
  26. Go to bed.
  27. I am 34 and your mother, which means I know more than you.
  28. Asked and answered, child.
  29. You have to stop and listen for the answer.
  30. Write it 10 times and I’ll quiz you again.
  31. This is a picture of…?
  32. No, you can’t kick momma in the throat.
  33. No biting.
  34. Did you feed your dog?
  35. Nobody wants to see it before you flush.
  36. Please.
  37. That hurts!
  38. I love you.
  39. Night night.
  40. I said go to bed.
  41. I love you more than that.
  42. Stop pushing me.
  43. You’re not in trouble but you will be if you don’t knock it off.
  44. Just because it wasn’t right doesn’t mean you were wrong, just means you’ll do it differently next time.
  45. Where are your pants?
  46. I can’t find his other shoe.
  47. Check the bathtub for Roku remote.
  48. Wait for Mommy.
  49. Take it slow. Don’t run.
  50. Do you want mine?

Henry thinks that’s pretty funny.

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