A Letter from Me to You

2 Jun

Dear Readers,

I love this blog. I had no idea where it would take me back in 2014. I began writing from experience. From a place of hope. To reach out and touch those going through real things.

IMG_1239With all that’s gone on with Jackson and Abby, you have to find a healthy outlet to let off the steam. I tried therapy, running, volunteering. But nothing has ever healed me like writing.

That being said, right now, I can’t write things you can read. What I need to write is mostly just for me, and will never see the light of day. The best writers know how to edit themselves. And the best mothers know when to keeps things in the Draft folder.

So I’m taking a hiatus from the MM blog for the summer. If you miss me and these kiddos, don’t fret. Just go “Like” the Mothering Miracles Facebook page. I’ll keep posting pics and fun stories on there.

Plus, I’ll still be writing for CHKD’s Birth and Beyond blog twice a month. My newest, Parenting in a Competitive World, just posted yesterday.

I’ll be back. Promise.

Edited, yet whole.




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