A Small Step and a Giant Leap for Abby

11 Nov

I am terrible at setting personal goals and then actually accomplishing them.

I made a mental plan to clean one room each day last week leading up to Abby’s birthday party on Saturday. This is what the kitchen looked like the morning of Abby’s party. It’s pretty much what the rest of the house looked like too.



It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I’m so un-lazy that I can’t get anything done. I’m, like, so super hyper un-lazy, that I’m making dinner, doing dishes, helping with homework, reading BooBoo, kissing a boo boo, feeding a dog, wiping a nose, feeding two more dogs, texting back my husband and sending an email for work all in the same ten minutes.

Basically, I am getting everything done and absolutely nothing done at the same time. #momproblems

On Monday mornings, Abby has PT from 7-8, I drop her off at school around 8:20 and head over to Virginia Beach to work until 4 or so. It’s a busy day before the day even gets started.

During her a.m. PT session yesterday, Abby had to go through her normal obstacle course with toys, mats and a step stool. She needs help getting on and off the stool; getting on and off the mat; carrying blocks and squatting to retrieve them when they fall. When she gets tired or fidgety, her therapist moves to another exercise.

About halfway through, Abby was starting to get annoyed with the repetition…so, it was time for a change.

With her therapist setting up the next thing, Abby starts walking towards the mat again. Keep in mind, this mat stands about 6 inches off the ground, and Abby has a hard time going up a one inch mat. The therapist and I were both talking and didn’t even think for a second she’d try to step onto it herself.

But Abby did.

With no handles to hold onto and no spot to catch her, Abby just kept walking, raised her leg like she’s been doing it her whole life and took the step. Without losing momentum, she got that second foot onto the mat…before she fell backwards.

Her therapist and I both realized what was happening at the same time. She starts for Abby, and I slide on my knees (in stockings and a dress, mind you) to catch her head before it hit the ground. Instead, she just plops on her butt like it was any other little tumble. And she gets back up.

It was just one small moment in a whole hour, but I’ve replayed it dozens of times in my head. I don’t know if it was courage, repetition or trust, but she took that small first step all by herself. She took it because she had faith in her own ability to do it. It took some serious guts. Something, at 31, I still have trouble doing.

Man, what amazing things we can learn from our children.

P.S. — I did finally get my act together for Abby’s birthday party, and I think her “Sofia the First” indoor movie birthday party turned out really cute. I wanted to give a shoutout to these local resources I used for her party that made me it all come together.

Greenhouse Picker Sisters: For vintage prop rentals and staging in Hampton Roads and Cary, NC, these girls are fantastic. Amanda hooked us up for Abby’s birthday party and it really made for an adorable vintage princess theme.


Ruffles and Bow Ties: Abby’s first day of school dress and her birthday dress were both made by this Newport News vendor. She’s really affordable! She can pretty much make anything — shirts, pjs, dresses, burp cloths, tea towels, etc — and then embroider it. Super adorable.


Sinful Treats: If you’re looking for a new option to order cakes/cupcakes/cookies in the Hampton Roads area, Sinful Treats is amazing. I went to high school with Stephanie and she’s done multiple cakes for me, my family and friends. They’re as pretty as they are delicious.

photo 2

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