Abby’s Having Surgery Tomorrow

12 Jul

It’s with a heavy heart that I write Abby is having neurosurgery tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. to place a VP shunt for her hydrocephalus.

Sometimes what you want and what are best just don’t align. This lesson, whenever it’s served to you, is bitter. It feels unfair and cruel. And you just don’t wanna do it. No thank you, life. Feel free to move on to the next person. We’re all good here.

But here it is with Abby.

Is it late-term failure of her ETV/CPC surgery due to trauma from her falls over the course of the last year?

Did the surgery just never completely take care of her hydrocephalus?

Is it something else we just don’t know about yet?

What I do know is that she has a smoldering issue. It has built up drop by drop over time and we can’t continue to let things stand as they are. Those are the facts, so Boston and CHKD confirm it’s time for a shunt.

Because of the ETV, she’s had four and a half years of no infections or additional surgeries. I think that means something. No regrets on that, and no regrets moving forward with this path.

I just don’t want to. But we have to. I just have to say it one more time: I just don’t WANT TO.

So please pray for her, and pray for us. She should be in the hospital through Saturday if all goes well. They say kids have a good amount of pain the first 24 hours, so pray that we can keep her pain covered and she can heal without infection or setbacks. Pray for Henry, too, he’s going to have his first night (and second, and third!) away from me and I don’t know how that will go. And pray for Jackson because he gets extra nervous when anything happens with Sissy.

I’ll keep you posted.



12 thoughts on “Abby’s Having Surgery Tomorrow

  1. My thoughts and prayers will be with little Abby and all of the family for a successful surgery, no pain and a speedy recovery.

  2. As a mother of a little gal with a VP shunt, I feel you. I don’t want this, any of it for our children! I will being sending you all my strength and positivity for positive outcomes and pain management.

  3. My heart and prayers are with Ms Abby. I pray that angels will encamp about, and protect her. Jesus is her Physician and Healer, there is no one who can do what He has already done or will continue to do. Be encouraged, for the Lord thy God will never leave nor forsake Abby, Jackson, your little one nor you and your husband. Peace and blessings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. I’ve already lifted you all up to the Lord in unison with the many others.

    God, watch over Abby and her family as they watch you watch over her.

  5. Sending up bunches of prayers for Abby and the Bensten family this morning. Praying for positive outcome for Abby and God’s blessings for all of you. His grace and mercy will see you through this.

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