Christmas Pictures with the Bensten Elves

17 Dec

Jackson absolutely needed new Christmas pajamas for “pajama day” at school today.

I ran out really quick to Target last night and picked up some Elf pjs. Then I realized they were unisex, and I threw in an extra pair for Abby. Dear Lord, the two of them side by side were so funny! So of course you know what that means.


Here are the photos, in sequence, of me taking them tonight for your viewing pleasure.

We love our matching PJs!

We love our matching PJs!

Get off me.

Get off me.

I hate my family.

I hate my family.

But Jackson, you can't hate me.

But Jackson, you can’t hate me.

And we're back.

And we’re back.

A good picture, finally!

A good picture, finally!

And another? It's a Christmas miracle.

And another? It’s a Christmas miracle.


Funny. Ok, let’s not get too silly.


Abs, look at Mommy.

Now we're getting silly.

Guys? Okay, now we’re getting silly.

Ok, so I got a little out of hand with the props.

Let’s switch gears and add in some more props. Okay, yeah, too much.

Let's laugh. Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Let’s take away the props and laugh. Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Fake laughing leads to real laughing.


And tickling…

And...we've lost them again.

And…we’ve lost them. Is Abby choking the reindeer?

Jackson held this pose for an extraordinary amount of time.

I gotta say, I was impressed that Jackson could hold this pose so long.

Let's try singles.

Let’s try singles. Abby’s always picture perfect.


Beautiful. Oh, girl, work it.

Abby's first Christmas with hair.

Getting a little full of herself and the compliments now.

And...Jackson's singles.

Let’s switch. And…Jackson’s singles.

He does much better by himself.

Wow, he does much better by himself.

Jackson decided he wanted to direct the photoshoot and suggested stockings.

One more! Jackson decides they need a picture with the stockings.

Abby hugged hers.

Good call, dude.

The whole while I'm thinking...where did time go? How fast they've grown since last Christmas.

The whole while I’m thinking…where did time go? How fast they’ve grown since last Christmas.

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