I’m Not Just Mom, I’m More

23 Feb

There’s this movement happening online, have you noticed? It’s women finding their voice. It’s mothers that used to be quarantined to playdates, carpools and birthday parties.

For years, there were all these words and sentences and paragraphs left unwritten. But just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we aren’t funny and insightful and groundbreaking. We still have to review homework and return emails and pack lunches for the next day, but that’s not all we are.

Sure, sometimes we can all be a little judgmental. Reading what other women write can make us feel bad or good or convinced or ready to make a change. But the real secret is we feel validated. Finally! There’s someone out there like me. Someone who struggles with discipline and yelling and if we should homeschool and why they aren’t talking yet and how things get bad before they get better. Someone who feels guilty about being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom.

I started this blog to give ideas, background, hope and knowledge. But in full confession mode: I’m getting way more from this than you are.

I feel a weight lifting off me. I am sharing things that took up way too much space in my head. I’m sharing not just the past, but right now, as we ride the ups and downs. You guys are all becoming part of the village. How do I know?

When I post about something going on with Jackson’s spelling, I get instant advice from teachers. (By the way, I’m starting to love teachers like I love nurses.)

When I post about hearing loss and educational issues — I get next steps, similar stories and resources to check into. Oh girl, I love me some parent advocates. Some of you have hidden journeys and some of you came into parenthood with guns blazing. Each of you are relentless and awe-inspiring in your love.

When I brag that Abby took a step for the first time without falling — you all celebrate, too. I can tell it’s real, because you’ve all come to love seeing them succeed like I do. The very best support comes from your cheerleaders.

It’s truly amazing how we can sit and judge…OR… we can make the decision to listen. To help, share and accept. I’ll continue if you do.

Because I’m not just Mom, I’m more.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Just Mom, I’m More

  1. This is one of my favorite posts. I’ve been a mom since I was 18, which makes my oldest 15. I know what it feels like to be judged, to be a teen mom, to be a stay at home mom, and now a working mom and I’m going to school. No one knows what it’s like to live exactly like I live or why I make the decisions I do for my kids. I like to believe that make me conscious in the effort of not judging other mothers. I hope so at least . We should absolutely be building each other up, we have one the toughest and most rewarding jobs. That includes raising our girls to build each other up as well!

    • It’s true! No one knows what it’s like to walking in your shoes. The better we are to each other, the better we’ll feel about ourselves.

  2. This!!!!! And the tears came this AM reading this! It’s so time for us as women and mothers to pull together – support and lift one another. We have the opportunity to raise children that celebrate all differences – NOT make fun of or hurt one another. The mean girls stage has begun with our sweetheart but she isn’t wavering yet – BUT reading your words made me realize we are exposing her mostly to a village of love and support – where we truly do care what happens to one another. Thank you for the reminder. My heart will rest a bit easier because of it.

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