Five Things Society Makes Me Wear and I DON’T WANNA

24 Apr

As a society, we put way too much pressure on women after having a baby. Pressure to breastfeed. Pressure to get the baby to sleep in their own crib. Pressure to get back to work at the same pace she left. Pressure to keep the house clean.

Pressure to keep everyone alive and happy. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

I mean, geez, can we stop being such jerks for just a second and let a momma breathe?

And speaking of breathing, there is this unspoken pressure that is rarely talked about that I’m about to blow the doors off of. And that’s the pressure to get back into non-maternity clothes.

I’ve had enough being pressured to wear…

  1. Pants of any kind. Pants with zippers, pants with buttons, pants snaps. Pants that are too tight and pants that are too short in the waist. Basically, and I don’t know if you’re sensing the seriousness of this, no pants.
  2. Shorts. We should not have to wear shorts that show our legs if we’re not ready. Nobody wants to see these legs. I don’t want to see these legs. Shorts are basically pants (see number one) but shorter. So again, no.
  3. Bras. They are terrible. They cut into my back, under my arm and force me to look a bit too Pamela Anderson (give or take 50 lbs) with these huge girls. And no matter what, none fit. Not nursing and not regular. So no bras.
  4. All the underwear. Things are feeling pretty tight these days. I’ve got three kids to take care of and I have no time for these wedgies. And I’m doing a heck of a lot of laundry and I ain’t got NO TIME for the delicate cycle. And Lord knows, my dryer eats nice things just as good as my yellow lab.
  5. Shirts. All of them. They are too short. So short. And too tight in all the wrong places…especially in the chest. And WHY can’t we just extend maternity shirts for longer? Why do they have to obviously be SO MATERNITY looking with their special stretchy sides? They are my newest clothes purchases and fit the best, and I only got to wear them a few months.

What is left to wear, you might ask? I’m not sure. If you can figure that out, let me know.

Until then, I’ll be standing in my closet.

3 thoughts on “Five Things Society Makes Me Wear and I DON’T WANNA

  1. I have the perfect clothes for you, girl! I discovered LuLaRoe when Callie was 3 months old and I immediately had a minor obsession, so I decided to sell them. Leggings (buttery soft and no buttons or zippers!), stretchy skirts/dresses and long, loose fitting shirts! The other draw is they are SUPER cute too! Some ladies at choir practice last night were commenting on how skinny I have gotten and I was just thinking how wrong they were. It’s totally the clothes and how they hang/fit. Let me know if you want to try some! Keep on blogging because I love hearing your take on motherhood!! Hugs friend!

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