From Start to Finish: Jackson’s Cancer Journey in Pictures

8 Sep

A few years ago for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to post a photo everyday on my Facebook page of Jackson, starting at the beginning of his treatment and running through the end.

But you guys have never seen these…and you should.

So I’ve gone back through each picture, and I’m planning to re-post each day, with some updates and added details, here on the blog. Cancer treatment may not be apart of our daily life anymore, but there’s no forgetting when it was our whole world.

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking September is well underway. You’re starting now? Well, listen. I just entered my third trimester. (Woot!) We’re lucky when I remember my wallet at the grocery store.

Here’s photo one:


This photo was taken the day after Jackson’s biopsy surgery. It was just three days after I discovered a lump on his side while changing his diaper. We were all exhausted and devastated, and honestly, we needed a change of scenery from the hospital room. I was really grateful for the little red wagon they offered us to use. We padded the bottom with pillow, covered Jackson with a blanket and decided to take a walk. As the first grandchild and nephew on both sides of a tight-knit family, Jackson’s full entourage was at the hospital. And they all followed. We all were desperate for some purpose.

Did you know at time of diagnosis, Jackson had just gotten a clean bill of health at his one-year pediatrician checkup (in late December)? He learned to walk about halfway through January. I’d weaned him by the beginning of February. And just a couple weeks later, on the afternoon of February 15, I discovered “the lump.”

Which turned into the “mass” by that evening.

Which was cancer by the next day.

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