Happy 7th Birthday, Jackson

28 Dec

Today is Jackson’s birthday.

When you’ve had cancer, birthdays become an unspoken milestone. We threw a huge bash for his second birthday. All these birthdays we’ve had since feel like icing on the cake. I never imagined SEVEN. Or first grade, monster truck shows, riding his bike down to his friend’s house or being in charge of his own puppy.

Jackson made me a mom. He is thoughtful, kind. Wild and high energy. He will make you laugh when you don’t want to and  fill your heart with his sweet, unsolicited good deeds.

He is the hardest working kid I’ve ever met. He’ll spend all day raking leaves. He’ll go through my trash and scold me on what should have been recycled. He is a leader.

Jackson’s also my greatest challenge. He’s got his mom’s passion and his father’s stubbornness. If Jackson were a color, he’d be neon and glow in the dark. All the amazing qualities that are so strong right now are going to make him an amazing adult. I’m so curious to see where his life leads him…that is, if the privilege of being his mother doesn’t kill me first.

Here are my favorite pictures from this past year of my sweet boy. Dude, we love you so.


IMG_1481 IMG_1650 IMG_1953 IMG_1992 IMG_2083 IMG_2235 DSC_0045 IMG_2394 DSC_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0127 IMG_0175 IMG_0237 DSC_0039 IMG_0320 IMG_0482 IMG_0581 IMG_0964 IMG_1451 IMG_1654 IMG_1858 DSC_0384DSC_0164 IMG_2077 IMG_2171 IMG_3030
DSC_0988 DSC_0035 DSC_0199 IMG_2256

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