Hey Full-Term Baby: Here are 10 Reasons Why Preemies are the Real Rockstars

29 Aug

Hey big, fat full-term baby.

Yeah you, with the chubby cheeks and the umbilical cord stump.

You and me, we had the same due date, but I’m already four months old. As your seasoned elder, they’re going to be comparing me to you, but I need you to know a few things.

Here’s 10 reasons why as a preemie, I’m the real rockstar.

      1. I survived the roughest start there is to life. I’ve got major street cred in the NICU.
      2. You came out screaming, and I was quiet. Like a one-pound ninja.
      3. I didn’t practice breathing in utero or do any hiccups; I took my first breaths on my own because I taught myself. I’ll let that fact sink in…I TAUGHT MYSELF TO BREATHE.
      4. You may look all chubby and adorable, but you’ll never put on as much weight as me. I’ve already quadrupled my birth weight in four months.
      5. I’ve spent a lot of time with people that have doctorates and masters degrees. But they follow my lead, because I dictate how things are going to be.
      6. I may look scrappy, but I’m tough. I can yank IVs, breathing tubes and feeding tubes out when my nurses turn their backs. How’s the rattle going for you?
      7. Sure, you’ll probably walk and talk first, but that’s because I’m letting you. I’ve worked hard already and enjoy taking things slow now that I’ve broken out of the incubator.
      8. You might keep up with that “weight problem” of yours, with all the milk you’re drinking, but no one will ooh and aah over your fat rolls like my parents do over mine.
      9. While you’re fumbling around over there getting acclimated to your suck reflex, I’ve already been breastfeeding since I was 3 lbs…while you were still using your umbilical cord. Because my umbilical stump healed…MONTHS ago.
      10. Everyone will like my pictures on Facebook for the rest of my life. Because I’m a preemie rockstar.

So congratulations on joining the ranks of babies everywhere! I’m glad I could show you how things work.


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**Please note, this is just a funny post. I’ve been a parent to a full-term baby and a preemie, and they’re both precious.**

78 thoughts on “Hey Full-Term Baby: Here are 10 Reasons Why Preemies are the Real Rockstars

  1. As a mother of a 32 weeker ex preemie I say you are totally right. Our preemie are survivors. No matter how the situation can be they will always make it. My Ashley is now 11 months old and she is so amazing. She is now crawling around and standing balancing on thing around her. She is a ROCKSTAR. Love her so much

    • My 32 week preemie is now 20 years old she is a full time nanny and full time college student she is my greatest gift thank you God. Teri Dorsey. Oh and she is my rock star!

      • My 25 yr. was 13ozs when I had a c-cestion 6/27/89 I was only 24wks. And 2yrs ago my daughter had a c-cestion at 26wks a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 1lb &4ozs she’s now 2yrs old very smart, and little,does her own thing she’s not talking yet but she’s not deaf when time come she’ll talk. So my LAURYN ELESE WILLIAMS IS A ROCK STAR!

  2. born four months premie, I was diagnosed autistic in 6th grade, I now have a college degree, and I’m probably more personable than most of my fellow autistic people. So yea, definitely a success story.

  3. I love this! My rockstar is infamous due to his arrival at 23w2d. Left the NICU like a boss after 134 days. He’s partying like a rockstar at 3:45 am after he woke up an hour ago. Chatting with his stuffed animals and yelling out to see who wants to party with him. He’s such a joy. As much as I want to be sleeping I can’t help but laugh as I listen to his 20-month old antics in the other room.

    • Haha…”left the NICU like a boss”…isn’t that so true? I love that he’s doing so well. 23 weeks is even tougher than 24. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing well.

      • I agree Cathy!!! I’ve been a level 3 NICU nurse for 25 years and have seen so many advances. It is always such an honor when the itty bitties come back and are running all over driving their parent’s crazy and we were telling them they had Diva’s on their hands right after birth…. lol

  4. I have been a Level 3 NICU nurse for more than 20 years. Everything you say about the extremely premature is true. Love those little ones! I must add, though, that their parents are pretty special too.

    • Thanks Cathy! You know all about this. As parents, we’re just following the lead of these strong little babies.

  5. I’ve got four children, two that were preemies, one full term, one late, and my first preemie, her and I almost didn’t make it to be any more…..I’m very proud of all of them

  6. This is so true! My twins were born 23 weeks 6 days 9 months ago. They both have their ups and downs, but are still making major strides. They’re both learning how to roll and my wife and I are proud of them daily. This is definitely a hard road, but I believe this may be the most rewarding as a new parent of preemie twins. Great post!

    • 23 weekers? That’s wonderful. I know the feeling of being proud for each milestone. Glad to hear your twins are doing well.

  7. My little guy was born at 29 weeks and currently still in NICU at 36 1/2 weeks. Has breezed through most weeks til this week and has been having some problems in the past few days..thank You for sharing this it gave me a great laugh when I really needed it!

    • He’ll get there, Melissa. My Abby well and then the last three weeks, it felt like we kept running into little thing after little thing. He’ll get there! He’ll be home before you know it.

  8. I have a Rockstar baby also, and though she wasn’t a preemie, she was born with a congenital birth defect of her abdominal wall called an omphalocele. My Rockstar spent 58 days in the NICU. She had surgery at five days old and is still looking at more surgery. Most of those 58 days were spent trying to get her to be able to maintain her weight without a feeding tube. She’ll be one in two days and is doing great now!!

  9. This post is so true, i love it!
    I had my daughter August 11, she was suppose to be due September 22. We just got to come home on Saturday afternoon after her being in for 3 weeks and I was there for 3 in a half weeks. She’s doing great!

  10. As a mommy to THREE preemies, I loved this. Each of my babies made it a little farther than the last, but all 3 were too early. My oldest was 2 months early but spent 0 time in NICU (due to messed up due date, didnt find out he was early til after he was sent home with me) Hes now 3 years old and bigger than most kids his age and smarter too. My middle child was born 6 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU and is now a healthy smart and happy 18 month old, and my youngest was born 5 weeks early and only spent 2 weeks in NICU and is already doing so good, even at just a month old <3
    Preemie babies are something special, thats for sure. I'm blessed to have all 3 of mine and blessed that they outcome was as good as it was <3

  11. As a mom of a 25 weeker micro preemie 125 days in the NICU. This put a smile on my face. Its like my son tell his miracle life in a story. Its all so true. πŸ™‚

  12. This made me laugh out loud! I have a 26 week preemie who is now 6, and a 31 week preemie who is 8 months and they are both rock stars! thanks for the wonderful post!

  13. I love this! As a mother to a full term baby a 26 weeker and a 33 weeker. My 26 weeker did 3 1/2 months my 33 weeker did 2 weeks, was def a roller coaster ride with both of them! They r truly superheros! πŸ™‚

  14. My grandson Holdyn is more then a little rockstar ( he’s king of the rock stars , you would think at almost 5 years ago born 4 months early weighing at about 12oz , born at 24 weeks the doctors gave him 4 % to live , you would think he had his master degree already the way he expresses himself , you should hear him talk , he would amaze you ,

    Why he’s ready to be a CEO , lol u never know the children with special needs are our stars of the future , there out of this world , love them all

  15. I had my son a 31 weeker 6 days due to premature ruptured membranes on the 24th and we’re still in the NICU. This was incredible and very true as well as inspiring. I loved reading everyone else’s comments knowing that we will get out on the other side and he’ll do just fine. I’m a young mother at 18 but I’m blessed with my rockstar. Each day gets easier. Even his bad days turn to amazing days to see him recover from any obstacles.

  16. Some of these don’t apply to my rock star, since my 35 weeker came out at **9 lb 3 oz**. (not a typo.) However, his 50-day stay definitely earned him some street cred. I can relate to a lot of these. That was a horrible time in my life, but you made me laugh. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Oh my! Well, your rockstar just had more to love in the beginning than mine πŸ™‚ Glad you’re out on the other side too.

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  18. This just made me laugh and it’s always needed. 27 weeker, 2 pounds, 5 ozs., 72 days in the NICU. And couldn’t be more proud of the rockstar now that he’s 8 months old. Just about to hit 13 pounds, eating his baby food, and starting to put the weight on. He’s our little fighter and has one heck of a kick.

  19. As the mom of a 1 pound 24 weeker, I love this!! She is now three years old, and although she is much smaller than her peers and a little less “sturdy” than most 3 year olds, she is most definitely a rock star. She is such a rock star that sometimes I “forget” how far she’s come. Thank you for sharing this.

    • My daughter is a little less sturdy too. It’s hard to not focus on the things you’re trying to help them with. Glad you could identify πŸ™‚

  20. As mom to a 26 weeker they are true fighters. He is now 8yrs old and for the love of me acts like nothing was ever wrong with him. He is all boy. Daring, adventurous and addicted to sports. He was a handful in the nicu and is at home too. So congratulations preemie moms, we survived the nicu and now get to survive raising them.

  21. I have two little rock stars, a 32 weeker born at 3 pounds, with a 63 day NICU stay. And a 34 weeker, born at 4 pounds, with 32 day NICU stay. Could not be more proud of them!! At 3 years old my son is the biggest in his preschool class, 38 inches tall and 40 pounds! And my sweet girl, she’s a tiny toot, but is already crawling at 8 months old.

  22. This is so cute!!!! My first rock star was born at 27 weeks and was 1.36 lbs and 11.5in. Sadly, we lost her to infection (after a very courageous fight) at 3 weeks old. My second rock star was born 1 year later at 28 weeks. He stopped growing at 18 weeks and was given a 0% chance of survival at 24 weeks. He fooled them!!! My little 14.8 OUNCE, 9.5 inch miracle is now 6 years old!!!! Currently weighs 42 lbs and is in the 1st grade!

  23. This made me laugh! I am a mom to 4 kids, my second born was a 32 week premie. He is now 14! They told me he wouldn’t live 6 hours, then they said he won’t live a full 24 hours, then 3 days……Then I stopped listening! He has Autism, Bi-polar disorder, childhood schizophrenia , OCD, Heart defect, high blood pressure, asthma, a suppressed immune system, celiac disease and only 1 kidney. Every day is a joy with him. He is my funny big amazing boy! Last week he learned how to ride his bike! Premie’s are rock stars! Actually I think all 4 of my kids are

  24. We had a preemie born 3wks early. We too had a big bundle! She came weighing in at 11 lbs. 5 oz.!! Yes!! 11lbs. 5oz. !!!! We too didn’t experience all of these, but A LOT of em we did!!! Being 3 wks early she wasn’t breathing well due to lungs not being fully developed yet & A heart murmur. We were in Wesley NICU for 2 wks total with her!! She’s lil over 1 mo. And doing well!! Our Princess Rockstar Elizabeth is at healthy weight and doing well so far!!! Lots of prayers to any and all having any of this in their lives!! Its rough but they’re TOUGH (babies)!!! πŸ˜‰
    p.s. We had to numerous explain how she was preemie lol due to her weight a lot were not understanding its how early they came not how much weight id when they arrive in the world!!! πŸ˜‰

  25. I have loved your fb posts….it’s no surprise your blog is just as witty and heartfelt! I am both laughing and crying reading the premie rockstar post. Although Zachary was full term he still had his struggles in the NICU so his cred is good too!

  26. My 29 weekers, identical twin boys, were born just 11 days ago. This could not be more timely for me to lift my spirits and keep me going! The comments are as great as the post with so many awesome success stories! My boys are definitely little fighters.

  27. My nephew was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1pound and eleven ounces.The doctor said he had a 50/50 chance of surviving.He was only 11 inches long.He stayed on the ventilator for 8 weeks.His due date was April 5 2000 but came into the world on Dec 22 1999.He is now a wonderful 14 year old young man who has the most loving heart any one could ever have.It was a long road after 4 months in the hospital he came home on oxygen and monitor.Never give up hope.He does have a small learning disability and anxiety but we could not imagine our life without him.

  28. This made me laugh! I so needed this! My son was born at 24+5 and is just shy of 2 years actual. We are preparing for our 3rd RSV lockdown (ughhh!) and this post was a wonderful reminder of how far we’ve come and how important it is to have a sense of humor about it!

    • Same thoughts. Two full term kids in the NICU – really wish this full term versus preemie war that I have seen over NICU websites would stop…nobody wants there kid in there, no matter what & just because my kids were full term doesn’t mean that it was just them in there for a few days with no medical trauma or testing. I personally thought both were going to die. Really hurts reading things like this.

      • Don’t let silly articles like this hurt you! It’s meant to be funny, not hurtful. That’s hard when you’re still raw from your experience, and I totally get that. Still sensitive from mine, that’s why I tried to write something lighthearted. There aren’t many articles on preemies that don’t make you cry. Full term babies in the NICU are just as scary! I’ve been on the Family Advisory Council at our NICU for three years, I have friends who went through that. Plus, I’ve had a full term baby with his own medical issues…read more articles on the blog and you’ll see more than just this one πŸ™‚

  29. This made me laugh & cry. My girls were born 29 weeks 2 days at 2 lbs 9 oz & 2 lbs 8 oz. Both are miracle babies & rockstars. I’m so grateful for the NICU doctors & nurses. Girls went home at 35 weeks. Now at 3 months 2 weeks they weigh 8lbs. All babies are miracles and special but Premies are fighters. Amen!

  30. I have a ROCK STAR, also. Born 6/17/12 1 lb 15 oz at 28 weeks. My baby is truely a BOSS. Healthy and very smart. My Miracle!!!

  31. My 1 lb 3 oz, 25 weeker given only a 20-30% chance of survival will be a year old next month. It’s still so raw that reading your words brought me to tears. 16 weeks in the NICU took its toll, but we are all stronger for the journey. My son is truly a rock star!

  32. I loved this! As the grandma of a 1 lb 23 weeker, I could relate! Our Annalee Faith is now 6 months old and 10 pounds. I especially love her fat rolls!! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Loved this! I have three preemie daughters— 34 weeks, 35 weeks, and our super-amazing rockstar daughter born at 25 weeks who is rocking it out of this world at almost 3 years old. They are all miracles! Loved reading all the awesome stories posted here while also grieving with the many parents who didn’t get to bring their miracle rockstar home with them. Life is precious.

  34. I had one of each–first was 4#11oz at 32 weeks and the second was 11#4oz at term plus 5 days. First spent 10 days in nursery, came home and had to return for 2 more weeks in regular hospital room. Second was born at home and sailed through milestones. They’re now 6′ 3″ and 6’5″ respectively with normal weights. IQ wise, both got honorable mention on their SAT scores (and the first didn’t even know he was taking it!). Difference in pregnancies? I smoked during the first and was on my feet 40-50 hours at a stressful job. Second, quit smoking during 3rd month and had an easy sit down job. My take away: don’t smoke while pregnant and take care of self first!

  35. Such a great post!! Thank you so much πŸ™‚ We have a 34 weeker – born 7/16/14 who just turned 2 months. He was definitely the NICU rock star during his stay! I love number 8! I have already found myself showing off our little guy’s rolls to anyone who will listen! He’s taught me so much already about how to fight and survive, but also that it’s okay to go through life at your own pace, whether that’s ahead or behind of the “norm”. My little dude is my world!

  36. Thank you Jessica for this wonderful and amusing blog. I am involved with two prem parent support groups in Australia; Preterm Infants Parents Association (PIPA) and the National Premmie Foundation. Your blog on premmie rock stars was shared on the facebook pages of both charities. It received a great response evoking memories, appreciation of the humour and a sense of pride. So thank you again. As a mum of 2 sons, one born at 29 weeks and the other full term I personally could relate to the article and enjoyed it very much.

  37. Too cute:). My baby boy was born full term but due to vasa previa was born not breathing and had lost 85% of his blood. He looked like a giant in the NICU at over 9# but was very sick. However, once he was off the vent and warmed up from the cooling blanket he became a rock star and started nursing and busted out in only 11 days!!! He’s perfect at three now and is truly our miracle baby as there is a 95% death rate if not diagnosed before birth. Thanks for the smiles and memories!!

  38. I just wanted to post that my 25 wk premie born 1 lb 9 oz is now 14 today. Im so blessed just some minor issues but she is a beautiful girl.

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  40. I am a mother of 1 to my baby girl born at 35 weeks premie. In NICU for 3 weeks. And now she is a 3years old rockstar. I was blessed to have her as my girl.

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  42. My son was born at 34 weeks. For being premature and my first born he simply amazed me. He weighed in at 6lbs 12oz! Perfect APGAR score. As a nurse I was terrified when I went into labor especially since the nurse helping deliver my son kept telling me he probably wouldn’t come out breathing and that I wouldn’t be able to hold him since he would most likely need to have oxygen. My son surprised everyone and came out kicking and screaming. I am one proud mom of my beautiful baby boy who is now 7 mos old. He is truly a blessing.

  43. As a mama to a 32-week premie (now a healthy 6-year-old) I can say that this gave me such a great laugh. I definitely oohed and aahed over each little fat roll as it appeared haha

  44. My 29.5 week preemie is turning 1 in two weeks….a real miracle, which makes that 3:00am walk to my little rockstars room all the more miraculous even when I am exhausted. A whole bunch of people with degrees told me my son would never make it and if by chance he did he would have so many medical problems. So to all the folks with degrees and for those who have no clue about preemies – my little boss did make it, and the only medical problem he has is that he is small for his age. Believe in the power of prayer, stay encouraged, and forever grateful.

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  46. Jessica, this is an amazing post! I loved it! I’m a mother to a 34-week preemie, who’s now 30 months old, although he is quite small as compared to kids his age (and sometimes even much younger babies), he is super active, talks a lot and is very smart! Kudos to all preemies and preemie-mums!!

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