Home Alone and It Feels So Good

14 Nov

I’m home by myself — sitting on the chaise in a hooded sweatshirt and yoga pants, with my hair on top of my head and my glasses on.

There’s a lukewarm cup of coffee waiting to be reheated beside me. I just ate a bowl of cereal I didn’t have to share and the dogs are quiet, except for the puppy noisily chewing a rawhide beside me. My work to-do list is under control and I’m wrapping up projects that have been in the works for weeks.

Where did all the little humans go?

Where did all the little humans go?

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but this is the first time in weeks I actually feel relaxed. Not needed.

It won’t last for long, because in two hours, I’ve got to pick Abby up at school, feed her lunch and pick Jackson up at 2. Lately when I get Abby from anywhere, she immediately starts whining and doesn’t stop. I know she’s missed me and needs one-on-one time, which I’m happy to give her. But oh…the whining.

Jackson’s been a wild animal the last few weeks. He runs around the house making animal noises, siren noises and doing the opposite of everything I ask him to do. He’s argumentative. Easily irritable when things don’t go how he wants them to go. Wild.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but did I say wild?

The other night after bathtime, the kids were sitting on our bed watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Jackson chooses this time to have a heart to heart.

“When you guys get mad at me, it makes me want to have other parents.”

Ev and I look at each other, and just burst out laughing. I mean, thanks? Appreciate the honesty, dude.

But laughing just made him mad. “No, I’m really serious!” he yelled. At which point, I realize, I have to go into Mom mode to comfort him…my son…who wants different parents.

Oy. Motherhood. Glad to see the sacrifice is paying off.

So back to this morning and my happy place.

I’m going to reheat my coffee and finish my to-do list in peace. Recharge my batteries and just enjoy the fact that I’m able to have mornings like this, rare as they are.

I’m home by myself!!!

Taking this cup to the microwave.

Taking this cup to the microwave.

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