I Got to be a Hero Before My First Cup of Coffee

26 Nov

jacktrashI took today off. With the rain coming down outside, it’s the perfect morning to sleep in.

Jackson’s been up collecting trash around the house since 6 am. It’s his Wednesday ritual, given his obsession with all things trash and recycling. In case you think I’m exaggerating…here’s Jackson on trash day a year and a half ago:

I’ve been trying to pretend I can still go back to sleep despite all the trash bags and questions of “Do you want this, Mom” and “We never use this, can I throw it out?”

I answer from under my covers. I’m so cozy.

But then Jackson’s screaming from downstairs “I CAN HEAR HIM!!” and “HE’S EARLY!!” I’m suddenly wide awake because knowing my son, if we miss the trash man, the whole day is shot. Ev’s in the shower, so I leap out of my bed and run downstairs. I’m in just an oversized t-shirt, and the trash man is pulling into our cul-de-sac.

This is the bottom of the 9th, bases load and two outs scenario. Woolwines, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve been preparing for this moment since we could hold a bat, practicing on Sunday afternoons at Kecoughtan High School. Make it or break it.

“Go, Mom!” I grab Ev’s zipper sweatshirt, pull it on as I grab as many bags as I can. I leap barefoot off the porch, splashing through puddles and racing the trash truck to our can. I can hear Jackson yelling “Run!” from the porch. It’s POURING outside.

The trash man picks up our trash can and dumps it. He’s obviously not a fan of the drowned Mom showing waaaaay too much leg look.

So I run to the next can down the road and start putting our bags in it. Thankfully the trash man takes pity on me and waits. I can hear Jackson is screaming from the front porch “Tell him there’s more!” So I yell over the rain and the truck motor and the trash man agrees to wait. Jackson runs from the front porch with the last two bags and gets a VIP up-close view of the arm dumping his trash into the truck.

So no, I’m back in my bed. This time I have a huge cup of coffee, Abby, Jackson and Disney Jr. keeping me company. I’m pretty proud of myself, even if I can’t feel my toes. I got to be a hero before my first cup of coffee!

I’m just building up the inventory of stories I’m going to tell Jackson the next time he tells me he wants other parents. I’m going to remind him of today. And also his 2012 Halloween costume:

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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