I Phoned in Parenthood Today

9 Apr

Yea, I did. I phoned it in.

We had PT this morning and then my mom took the kids for some quality time. Abby started squealing the moment she saw my mom and then pushed my face away when I try to kiss her goodbye. Love you too, girlfriend.

Then…I had almost five hours to myself.

What did I do with my time? I got a haircut. I did a lot of working from home. I ate a sandwich with the one good piece of bread left and then the butt of the loaf. When the kids got home, I ordered pizza for dinner. We watched some TV. I gave them a bath. We watched some more TV.

Award-winning parenting stuff.

Then I outsourced bedtime to Jackson. He took Abby potty and read her a book and tucked her in. I came in to kiss her, but he shooed me out. He turned off her light, realized Ariel was in another room, ran to get her, and then tucked Abby in again.

The role of parent, played by Jackson Bensten.

The role of parent, played by Jackson Bensten.

I was sitting here just now feeling a little bad that I should have done more of this or that.

But then I remembered that Abby’s sound asleep. Jackson’s been in my room several times to tell me he “loves me more.”

Thank goodness I can’t undo all the bedtime stories and well-balanced meals and trips to the park and endless patience I already gave them. Abs is going to stumble into our room sleepy-eyed and ready to cuddle at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Jackson’s going to tackle me as I head to the bathroom. The know they’re loved, whether it’s phoned in or not.

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