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25 Feb

I’m a mom, so naturally my kids are the most gorgeous little precious miracles in the whole wide world. You couldn’t convince me otherwise.

Logically, I know there is probably one or two kids in the world that are cuter. Maybe. And I guess there are probably a few more that could argue their miracles are more miraculous, but…you know…I’d have to see evidence.

But the precious? Guys. Tonight, we’ve got the presh.

Jackson and Abby have been taking sibling baths together for years. Nowadays there’s a lot more yelling and hitting and “he sprayed water in my eyes!” than when we started. And also, anatomy questions. Which is probably why Everett lets me handle baths, come to think of it. But mostly, the kids just enjoy playing and time to tell me more about their day. We have some very interesting conversations in the bathroom.

Bath Shenanigans.

Bath Shenanigans.

Bathing cuties.

Bathing cuties.

Bedtime, as you know, is at the end of the day. Which means Mommy’s patience for stall tactics is at its daily low. I’m a flat out “no” to water, potty, a second book or song. I’m not real interested in nightlights and hunger, either. When I leave their rooms, I need that adult time something fierce.

And all that Netflix is not going to watch itself, okay?

But Jacks, the budding reader, wants and needs practice. I’ve written about his struggles and we’re still working on it. Lately, he’s started volunteering to read Abby her bedtime story. Whenever I agree, I can see that triumph in his face, like he thinks it’s this secret plan he’s pulled over on me. But actually it’s a education tactic I’ve pulled over on him, fueled by an extra reserve of patience. So booyah. Mommy knows things.

Abby is my voracious bookworm. She’s been “reading” books since she could sit up. When she’s out in the playroom, 90% of the time, she’s in front of her bookshelf looking through books. She has so many of them memorized. As you can imagine, she loves storytime with Jackson.

Tonight, we’re all propped up in Abby’s big girl bed. Abby, with her still-damp hair resting on her pink polka dot pillow. She’s got her Sofia the First nightgown on and her hands are folded in her lap. Patient, eager.

Jackson starts reading “Pooh Loves to…” He starts out with a bang. About a page in, he gets stuck on a word. He guesses. It’s wrong. I went to help but Abby beat me to it…

“Treat, ” she said.

I turned and looked at her, and she was still completely immersed in the pictures.

We got a couple more pages in and Jackson got stuck on another. Before I could help Jackson, the little blonde piped in again from her pillow.


It was a precious, beautiful moment between the two of them. Jackson, trying to read. Abby, with the book fully memorized. There was no judgment, just one helping the other out, the other taking the help.

The three-year-old with the brain injury…she’s helping her big brother read. Jackson, meanwhile, fills in Abby’s physical gaps. He encourages her to jump, walk flat, squat down and like in the picture from PT last week, to kick with her left foot.

Jackson, Abby's encourager.

Jackson, Abby’s encourager.

Precious little miracles.

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