Inquisitive Minds Want to Know

26 Aug

There are so many things I love about my kids. Two of their greatest characteristics? Their inquisitive minds and ability to make me laugh.



For instance, today we were at the audiologist’s office. While Jackson was getting his hearing test done, Abby and I kept each other company in the waiting room. My kids are usually the youngest by a good…50 years. We got lucky with a basket full of Highlights and books. Otherwise, we would have to flip through magazines and pick our favorite dresses. (again)

By the way, Abby thinks I look just like Emily Blunt, thank you very much. That comment earned her favorite child of the day.

Abby rustled through their stock for a bit, and then she settled on a very, very long book to read. The Bible.

“Abs, this one is reaaaaaally long and doesn’t have any pictures,” I said.

“I’m going to just read it,” she told me, climbing into the adult-sized chair beside me, mermaid Barbie under one arm, Bible under the other.

I laughed as she “read” aloud. Did you know, according to my three-year-old, the Bible starts out with “Hey, how are you?” and then jumps into riveting tales about people deciding ‘what’s for dinner’?

So cute, so funny, right? What a perfect little angel.

But then after the Bible interpretation, she decided to get up and dance around the waiting room and show me how she can…ahem…POOT…whenever she wants to. Thankfully the waiting room had cleared on its own. Had it not, it would have cleared by force.

Eventually, we needed to find the restroom.

On Friday, Jackson has an endoscopy to check on what’s ailing his tummy. I can tell it’s on his mind often this week, because he’s been asking about the IV. He’s still unsure about the whole procedure of sticking a camera down your throat.

In fact, while discussing it with his GI doctor a few weeks ago, he asked him if they used Go Pros for it. Haha. I got a good kick out of that one, as did the doctor. I wish I was a fly on his brain to see what he was envisioning at that moment.

He brought it up again tonight during bathtime. I explained just how small the camera is and how easy and painless it’ll be because he’s sleeping. But because my son doesn’t ever, ever, ever do vague facts, he has to know everything. It is exhausting day in and day out with normal life stuff, but with medical procedures, I try to be patient and answer everything. Then I wait for more.

Tonight, Jackson made a list of all the things he absolutely needs to tell the doctor the morning of the procedure: a) he talks in his sleep, b) he prefers to sleep on his side, and c) sometimes he rolls around and gets restless.

No matter how many times I tell him this type of sleep is a deep, sound sleep…he still has to do things on his own. The doctor is just going to have to be patient with us Friday.

As he settled back laying in the bathtub, I saw the lightbulb go on. I braced myself for more questions about his endoscopy.

Inquisitive mind whirling again.

“Mommy, when you have the baby, will they put you to sleep?” he asked. And then for the next 10 minutes…

“How do you not feel anything?”

“They’re not going to do that to me on Friday, are they?”

“How do they cut you open?”

“Why can’t you just poop the baby out?”

“What’s a uterus?”

“Do they lay you on a table?”

“Does the table have sheets?”

“If you could feel everything they did to you, what do you think would hurt the most?”

“What does the baby look like now?”

“When does the baby come, again?”

“Let’s go look at pictures of the baby so you can show me everything.”

And then sometimes, those precious little minds provide for the most AWKWARD conversations of adult life.

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