It’s Our First Birthday!

2 Jul

Guess what, guys?!


One year ago, I wrote the very first Mothering Miracles blog post! I didn’t know who would read this website, but I knew it was time to start.

Did you know I named this site Mothering Miracles on a whim?

The name was twofold:

  • I wanted to focus on what it’s like mothering kids that are miracles, both during their life-threatening treatments, and the life after.
  • And to explain the miracles in mothering itself. Whether it’s seeing things for the first time through the eyes of your child, barely getting through a particularly bad day or phase, or how being a mom changes who you are.

Initially, writing was really easy. I’ve been compiling these stories for years in my head. When I got organized and started typing it out, it served as an outlet for myself and a way to pass along information I’ve learned as a parent to a cancer survivor and a micropreemie. The topics came easy and the writing flowed FAST.

Over the year, I’ve learned it takes dedication and discipline to keep writing, especially when the surprising success of certain blog posts opened me up to online criticism. I was totally naive to that aspect. You never know what people will take offense to. I think the majority of commenters don’t realize how their honesty can be…hurtful.

Even worse, I think some know exactly what they’re doing…and do it anyway.

It makes me laugh now when I think right back to the beginning when I was getting so many nice comments from strangers. I was really excited! That, of course, was before I realized they were SPAM comments. Somehow everyone kept commenting the same sentences and then referring me to their shoe sale or Viagra advertisement.


Yes, I was really naive.

But in one year, my skin’s gotten thick-er (still working on it), the kid’s continue to remain healthy and the blog has garnered 95,235 views as of this morning! WOAH!

I have a feeling I’ll always have new material with Jackson and Abby, and our little guy due in November (stay tuned – 20 week ultrasound next week!). Life hasn’t been easy for us, but more and more, I realize it’s all in how you view it. Yes, Jackson had cancer and that changed everything about everything, forever. Yes, Abby was born way too early and we’re going to deal with side effects, forever. But they are both here. When you face life and death, just having them here is a miracle in and of itself.

I can’t begin to say thanks for your support of Mothering Miracles! I appreciate everyone that’s encouraged me to keep going. It really means the world to me.

Here’s to another year.

4 thoughts on “It’s Our First Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to Mothering Miracles! Yes, you are our daughter and we always celebrate YOU! We are so proud of the knowledge, real life experiences and inspiration you have shared in this blog through the challenges of Jackson’s cancer and Abby’s premature entry into this world. We can’t imagine life without them both! The spirit of children that have endured so much and thrived through so much love and prayer has been life changing to experience. Thanks for sharing that there is life during and after cancer and that premature babies really do grow with lots of love! So, here’s to celebrating your blog, precious children, Jackson and Abby and to sharing more miracles of parenting with hope and love.

  2. Congratulations to you, Jessica, for your successful blog. I started reading it at the suggestion of my wonderful DIL, Tanya Holloran, and have passed it on to other grandmothers and mothers dealing with similar situations you shared. Take care of yourself and enjoy your summer. Thanks for your efforts and try not to let the negative people block your sunshine!

  3. I’m so thankful for you & your blog! We just celebrated the one year anniversary of Jack’s neuroblastoma diagnosis last week. I am so thankful I found you & your blog shortly after, it’s been such source of hope for me during this difficult year. (How are we already on our 4th round of immunotherapy?) Jack is doing fantastic and I’m eternally grateful that you took the time to share your stories. I hope you work your way up to a book one day because you are a terrific writer. Congrats on your first anniversary!

  4. Jessica, I found your blog the first week last year because I was looking for success stories for grade 4 brain bleeds. Your little Abby made me so optimistic for my 25 week granddaughter! At that time my daughter was staying off the internet to keep her sanity so I shared your story with her. My daughter has since starting following your blog. Thank you for writing about your experiences and your willingness to answer emails with specific questions.

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