Jackson’s First Bath…Cordless!

29 Sep

Jackson took his last Accutane pill at Red Robin with his dinner on March 29, 2010 and with that, his treatment was done!

We were so excited to pull that central line from his chest, but we had one last hurdle to clear…scans.

This round of scans was going to be Jackson’s new “baseline,” every other scan from here on out would be compared these. I had horrible scanxiety. What if something showed up just as we thought things were coming to an end? No matter how much you prepare yourself for bad news, actually getting the news feels still feels the same.

But every single scan came back clean. So on April 19, we once again handed over our precious boy to people in scrubs for another surgery…this time with an air of excitement.

My journal entry from that day read:

“We watched the sun rise on the way to the hospital today. Ev and I watched the sun rise the day Jackson was born, at the exact same place riding over the bridge from Hampton to Norfolk. It was such a magical feeling to know that I saw the day begin, on the day his life began.

It felt just like that today.

Sunrise is a perfect time to be aware that God provides new beginnings to us everyday. Removing Jackson’s central line is a start to a new chapter of his life. We feel so privileged to be his parents.

We pray he always feels loved and happy.

We pray that he remains healthy and cancer free.

Our lives have forever been changed by this experience and by Jackson’s innate will to live. God has taught us so much and I hope you all feel the same way too, by sharing in Jackson’s journey.”

Photo 21 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is of Jackson’s first “cordless” bath that night after his line was removed. He had his first regular full bath in 14 months: no Aquaguard, no pre-bath medications, dressing changes or saline/heparin. He had a big ole smile on his face. And so did we.


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