New School and a Boston Checkup

2 Sep

Today was Jackson’s first day at school. New school, new teacher, new everything. He was nervous and I was nervous for him. You can pretty much tell his mind is whirling in this back to school picture I took before we got in the car. He had just forgotten he didn’t brush his teeth.

Jackson's first day of first grade.

Jackson’s first day of first grade.

He is a little heartthrob, isn’t he?

Abby dumped out the entire contents of every bag we had in the car waiting in carpool line.

Abby dumped out the entire contents of every bag we had in the car waiting in carpool line.

I was racing to pick up Abby after work and get to Jackson on time. We are getting used to a new carpool line and system, and I knew I would MAJORLY catch it from Jack if I was late. But I did it! Actually, I think I was maybe a little too early for Abby to wait in the car. She got WAY bored waiting. Can you tell?

I didn’t get a lot out of him (per usual for boys) about school. But he did say he liked his teacher, he liked art class, he liked math on the big electronic board, the cafeteria was way too loud and the girl beside him kept tapping him on the shoulder to talk and he had to tell her to get back to work.

That’s all I got in the 6 hours since I got him. Boys.

I have an appointment next week scheduled with the principal, case worker, hearing specialist and his teacher to discuss his educational needs, in case any arise due to his hearing aids. I’m glad I’ll be able to sit down and talk with them, getting everything out into the open early on. I was really happy to see they put him in the front center of class and the hearing specialist was there to greet us at Open House. I don’t have to work so hard and be proactive so far; they have a good team already at Booker. It’s been a welcome relief to have advocates already in place.

Today marked a new schedule for me at work. I’m going into the office on Monday (full), Tuesday (until 1pm), Wednesday (full) and Thursday (until 1). This way I can still be home for Jackson and Abby in the afternoons most days, walk Abby into preschool M/W/F and also put in the hours I need in the office.

Speaking of which, Abby starts preschool tomorrow! She keeps calling it “Pretty School,” which if you think about it, is a much better term anyway. She is SO EXCITED. I hope the excitement doesn’t melt into tears come tomorrow morning when I leave her in class. Jackson was trying to prep her for school and told her “Mommy’s going to leave you.” She didn’t like that. He also had sage advice for her like “Raise your hand to ask a question” and “Don’t pee in your clothes.”

I mean. Thanks dude. I’ll take it from here.

I haven’t mentioned on here that Abby, Everett and I are flying to Boston tomorrow night. We keep in touch with our neurosurgeon through email, sending periodic head measurements. Her head is still measuring larger than it should, and though she’s been doing well, he thinks it’s best to get another MRI to make sure we’re not missing anything. So amidst new school nervousness, we also have travel and serious appointments out of town with Abby. Pretty sure she’s going to need sedation for the scan. And Dr. Warf is on call Thursday, which means we’re not sure if he’ll make our 2 pm appointment or we’ll have to wait around because he’s in emergency surgery. But the great thing about Children’s Hospital Boston…they have CUPCAKES in the lobby. So I’ve got that going for me and Abby Thursday afternoon once things are done.

Just ONE DAY down so far.

Just ONE DAY down so far.

So all in all…it’s a busy, stressful week. My mommy heart is working overtime.

Just say a prayer for us, if you could, that we all do OK.  I’m mentally fast-forwarding to a big glass of wine on Friday night when we’re (hopefully) home, all safe and sound with no medical surprises. I really, really hate leaving Jackson right now – he was pretty clingy talking with me tonight about it – but the grandparents have this covered. We’re really very blessed to have such great family who spoil him when we’re gone. And also when we’re here.

P.S. I want to thank so many for sharing the past blog post: Hey Full-Term Baby: Here are 10 Reasons Why Preemies are the Real Rockstars. As of this post, it’s been shared 10,105 times on Facebook; I didn’t realize that such a quick, silly post would touch so many. I have also gotten some negative comments. It’s meant to be funny. I am not “picking on” babies. Lord have mercy.

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  1. A piece of unsolicited advice…. Hearing impaired children tend to do better in the front in a side seat. That way they can turn and see the entire class, especially important during classroom discussions. First grade classrooms tend to not be set up in rows but if this is the case try side, front.

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