Summer Starts Now!

12 Jun

It’s quiet around our house with Jackson at his last day of school and Abby still sleeping.

Abby started her summer off with a stomach bug so I’m glad she’s sleeping in. She told me yesterday: “Mommy, I fro-ed up all day. I don’t want to fro up anymore.”

God love her. The summer can only go up from here!


I find myself talking to the baby in his ultrasound pictures on the fridge while I feed the dog who’s tap dancing for his breakfast.

This started as the first time when I had both kids in school and things were changing. No diapers. Everyone in their own beds, sleeping all night. Each of them with their own backpacks and things to learn from their village. It was the first time in seven years I could sit down with my coffee and laptop and work with them at school.

It really felt like we were moving into a new phase.

Now it’s the last school year with just Jackson and Abby. I really had started believing we were done. It was shocking for awhile but now it’s exciting. I’m only 32, I can do this! Right?

Am I ready to learn to juggle three schedules when it feels like I just got pretty good at two?

What will this little one think of the hustle and bustle of school mornings: clothes, backpacks, hair, breakfast and drop off? Will he just go with the flow or let me know he’s not impressed? He’s never going to know quiet, peaceful naps with two older siblings and three dogs to keep him busy.

With Jackson’s last day of first grade today, he’ll ride the bus home…then not again until September. This is our last summer as a family of four. When he starts second grade in the fall, it won’t be long before he’s going to be the head sibling in charge of two Benstens. Action Jackson, growing up so fast!


I hope everyone has a great start to the summer. Take time and enjoy your time together, whether it’s after work, on the weekends or in your PJs during the week. We won’t have today back, ever, so make the most of it!

Here’s to sun, health and happiness for all of us!

One thought on “Summer Starts Now!

  1. So very excited for you! Let’s just say that with all you’ve handled… Three will be a breeze. He will grow before you know it and your family of 5 will be the norm! Hugs and happy summer!!

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