Surprise Mommy x 3

11 May

Pigs are flying across the sky. Elsa has turned Hell into a winter wonderland. The apocalypse is here.

What the heck is she rattling on about, you ask?

Me, the mother of the miracles…yeah, I’m pregnant.

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote we were pretty much done adding to our family. Everett and I began the serious discussion about who (him) and when (soon) we were going to take care of things. And then…whoops.

I just. We just. Well, this just…kind of happened.


The crazy thing is that I would not have realized I was pregnant for awhile longer. I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment with Jackson (shocking, I know) and mentally walking through the next day. We had just scheduled his CT scan because of his tummy aches. I was focused on Jackson and making sure there was no evil lurking in that belly. I was thinking IV, making sure we left it in for labs, going into the room and the typical questions they ask parents. “Mom, is there any chance you could be pregnant?” No.

Wait. When was my last…What week is this?

Hmm. That can’t be right.

I thought some more and decided since I had to stop and get Jackson some tummy meds, I’d just doublecheck with a cheap pregnancy test. I wanted to know for sure, so I could stay in the CT scan room with him the next day.

Guys, that sucker turned positive in a hot second. I’m not sure I could have so many thoughts all at one time, but I did…it was pretty much:

  1. WHAT.
  2. I’m pregnant?
  3. I’m pregnant!!
  4. Oh crap. I’m pregnant.
  5. How did this happen?
  6. I just had a glass of wine this weekend.
  7. Oh my God, Everett is going to have a heart attack.
  8. How am I going to tell Everett?
  9. Maybe it was a false positive.
  10. I’m going to take another test.
  11. Still pregnant.
  12. This is so exciting!
  13. Dear God, please…healthy, healthy, healthy.
  14. I don’t know how this happened.
  15. Could this be baby Jesus?
  16. It’s not baby Jesus.
  17. I wonder what my blood pressure is?
  18. I bet this was that Paleo diet.
  19. I can’t believe I’m pregnant.

Clearly, my mind was in a whirl. So I called my sister, who brought another test, and yep, another positive.

This was happening.

I ended up telling Ev that day, too. I’m not a good person at keeping secrets like this. I asked him to come home from work before driving to Virginia Beach for his night class. He knew something was up, just…not this. I couldn’t stop laughing when I tried to tell him the story. I’m pretty sure he thought I’d lost my mind until he saw the three tests. He took a deep breath and said OK.

So here we go again!

My first trimester is over this week. The shock’s worn off and we’re starting to get a little excited. Besides some nausea and that first-trimester constant need for a nap, I’ve had a relatively easy time of it. It’s definitely been much easier than Abby’s pregnancy so far. And yes, I’ve been going to the high-risk OB since day one and taking a low-dose aspirin. We’ve got a good game plan to battle any blood pressure issues and she thinks we can go full term. I’m really hoping for smooth sailing, a healthy baby and a healthy momma. As vanilla of a pregnancy as it comes.

Being nervous has overwhelmed the majority of my excitement, but I’m trying to get past that so I can enjoy it. It’s just really hard knowing what’s happened before and the endless possibilities of things that could go wrong this time.

The highlight so far, besides telling the kids who are ecstatic, was seeing the baby on our first ultrasound. At 10 weeks, this baby spent the whole ultrasound upside down and pumping his or her little arm buds. It was quite funny to me because if you know my kids, there isn’t a shy bone in their body. This little one was already telling us GUYS! GUYS! I’M COMING FOR YOU!

This baby…the Bonus Bensten…he or she is really Miracle number 3. This baby is 100% God’s plan. And if I’ve learned anything from this parenting journey, His plans are always so much better than my own.


Meet Bonus Baby B! Upside down and partying.

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  1. I know I don’t know you in real life but I swear I had happy tears when I read this. Congrats momma!

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