Team Blue or Pink? Our New Baby is a…

11 Jun

A couple week’s ago, we had an ultrasound and were told they were 60% on the gender. It’s what I thought pretty much since the moment I found out I was pregnant. And what my mom thought. And what my sister thought. And what Abby thought.

Ev and I really didn’t care one way or another, we just wanted to know.

Since I have so many checkups with this baby, I wanted something the kids could enjoy. So we made an appointment for a “fun” 3D ultrasound and got confirmation.

Are you ready?

Our “Bonus Bensten” is a…


photo 1

Is there a big present in here for us?!

photo 3

Abby, I got! I got it!

photo 4

It’s a BOY!

photo 2

Jackson…here pondering whether he’s okay with sharing the boy spotlight, while simultaneously wishing there had been a toy inside the box. Abby…being Abby…just wanted balloons.

photo 5

And…because…it’s a box…


Bouncing baby boy. Full term or bust!

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