The Invaluable Quality of Warm Wipes

10 Jan

When the kids were babies, I had a wipe warmer in their nurseries so they never had cold wipes. Poor Abby would tremble with the wipes in the NICU and I’d promise her warm wipes if she would come home. I kept my promise, and so did she.

Abby at 2.5 pounds, hanging with Mommy in the NICU.

Abby at 2.5 pounds, hanging with Mommy in the NICU.

If you’ve had a wipe warmer with your kids, you know there’s this thin white sponge you soak with water and put at the bottom of the warmer under the wipes. It keeps the wipes moist so there’s no trembling during diaper changes. The bad thing about the warmer and sleep-deprived parents, is that the sponge has to be checked pretty consistently or it dries up like a bad piece of toast. And so do the wipes.

I tell you what, I’m the brittle sponge in the wipe warmer this week.

Yep, I just made that comparison.

I had to put myself in timeout mid-dinner Tuesday night because I was just completely maxed out. The second I got the kids after work, their volume went from normal to deafening. When we got home it was kids and dogs and cooking dinner and dealing with rental issues and Ev wanting to have grown-up conversations and the kids were hungry and lunches had to be packed and the tv was blaring and the phone was ringing and I CAN’T FIND THE PENCILS and by the time I sat down to eat…I needed to go to a quiet place and breathe. I went upstairs, drew a bath and started a book on my kindle.

I was impressed that I got through a chapter before Jackson came and found me.

That’s why I was waaaaay looking forward to my haircut this morning. And then when my parents asked to take the kids for a few hours, I got to go straight from the salon to an impromptu afternoon date with Ev.


It is so nice to have quiet conversation and a meal without cutting someone’s food or refereeing a fight over who gets Mommy’s phone. Ev even waited (patiently and not on his iPhone!) while I browsed the clothes, shoes and Valentine’s Day decorations at Target. We both had a Starbucks in hand when we picked up the kids.

Time away, even a brief few hours, fills me up again. It means I laugh when the puppy runs by with Jackson’s sneaker in his mouth. I smile and look into Abby’s sweet face as she tells me a very important story, clinging to my legs so I can’t move to flip the quesadilla before it burns. I cringe but don’t yell when Jackson laps the house for the 6th time in a row making loud noises. I look at my husband and remember I really like the shade of his blue eyes.

It doesn’t mean I don’t love this life but it is hard.

Friends, if there’s anything you take from this post, it’s this:

It’s good to have warm wipes.

3 thoughts on “The Invaluable Quality of Warm Wipes

  1. Amen and amen..such a healthy and honest post! 🙂 just love it, can see it for you guys and can identify with it in our world over here. 🙂

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