The Luxurious Life of a Thirty-Something

8 Mar

As a young family with lots of expenses and little free time, at times it feels like I put my life on hold for my kids to live theirs.

One day I’ll look back and miss driving across town for basketball practice. Taking a bath with Abby’s mermaids floating past me. Listening to three people talk at once. The constant laundry piles.

I might even miss stretching a bag of frozen chicken for three more days until we get paid.

But right now, I really, really want to go to a movie without having to pump or find a babysitter. I mean, how awesome would it be if we could try a new restaurant that doesn’t have an indoor playplace? Shoot, I’d take a 10-minute conversation with Ev where we’re not interrupted 17 times.

For Valentine’s Day, Ev and I decided to give each other the best, most luxurious gift you can give exhausted thirty-somethings with bills and kids.

A king-sized bed.

The kids were actually perfect angels in the mattress store. That never happens while we’re shopping, or really, ever. The last time we went furniture shopping as a family, we weren’t there five minutes before the salesperson had handed me the pamphlet for their “Embracing the Chaos” warranty.

As you can see in the picture below, Abby was clearly a pro at mattress shopping. I think she sensed the magnitude this purchase was going to have on her early morning cartoon watching.

mattressThis bed is a game changer. A life changer. With sleep, if you’re not going for quantity, you might as well do quality.

In this bed, I don’t even touch my husband unless I want to. I can sleep with all the pillows I want. I can nurse the baby while lying down and not be halfway off the bed.  Kids can climb into bed with us and there’s still room for me.

Imagine this: you’re lying in your bed and there are other people in there with you and you can’t feel their hot breath and you’re not getting elbowed in the eye. That’s me in this bed!

My new bed joins this VERY ELITE list of luxuries that keep me going:

  • Shopping at Target
  • My subscription to People magazine
  • Caffeine however I can get it
  • Saturday mornings when Ev lets me sleep in
  • Cable
  • Taking a nap
  • 9-10:30 p.m. when all the little people are asleep

So please excuse me…I have about 30 minutes of consciousness left in my new bed.

One thought on “The Luxurious Life of a Thirty-Something

  1. Awe Jess. You will get it together and then you will miss all those things that kept your life so busy. Chin up girlfriend. You are doing an outstanding job.

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