There’s No Place Like Home!

7 Oct

I’m not quite sure what happened in Boston.

I’ve started writing this post a few times, but I honestly can’t remember a lot of what happened at the hospital Monday. So I asked Everett just now to jog my memory. And my husband, the one the knows all things, looked and me and shrugged. “I don’t know, but I liked it.”

Abby says "Thumbs up!"

Abby says “Thumbs up!”

So there you have it. If Everett Bensten doesn’t know, then no one does.

We went to Boston fully prepared for brain surgery. Abby’s head has continued growing since her ETV/CPC surgery in April 2012. Clinically, she’s done fantastic. But her daggone head measurement hasn’t completely plateaued…and with differing opinions on ventricle growth on her last MRI a month ago, he said it was time to intervene. We all didn’t want to…even him.

So we scheduled surgery for October 7, today. Yesterday we had another MRI, all Abby’s pre-op appointments with anesthesia, admitting paperwork, labwork, etc. With all the pre-op and scans done, we finally went in to see Dr. Warf. He’d spent awhile studying her latest scan, compared to every MRI she’s had done. He took her head measurement. After a little bit of back and forth, he said he couldn’t justify surgery anymore. We were really shocked and so, so happy, but I’ve gotta give us some credit, we kept our cool until we hit the hallway outside Neurosurgery!

I do have several concerns that have developed with Abby over the last month, but Dr. Warf feels like none of them are neurological problems. That is a massive relief. Abby also had some extra xrays of her hips/pelvic while we were in Boston to make sure we didn’t need an ortho consult. Dr. Warf is so thorough and we really, really appreciate it.

You should have seen us getting to the JetBlue counter today at Logan. I don’t know about Ev and Abby, but I felt like we were getting the heck out of Dodge before someone changed their mind and asked us to come back. I was carrying Abby, my purse, her backpack and wheeling my suitcase. Ev was carrying my large carry-on duffel bag, laptop case, pushing two suitcases and somehow also Abby’s carseat. Hot. Mess.

Keith, Patrick, Ev and Abby at the pumpkin patch Sunday.

Keith, Patrick, Ev and Abby at the pumpkin patch Sunday.

We are beyond grateful to be home with that head of beautiful blonde hair undisturbed, her belly full with dinner and our boy on the way home from the grandparents. We were able to spend some special time with Ev’s brother’s family, who graciously let us stay at their house, eat their food and drive their car.

Homeward bound!

Homeward bound!

Even the dogs were thrilled with Abby’s news. Bailey and Shelby only had to be boarded for a day and a half, and they got a bath! This picture I took of Bailey today (to the right) pretty much sums up how we felt too once we were back in Virginia and headed home from the airport!

Thank you ALL for your prayers, love, goodie bags and concern. Thank you to our parents for taking such good care of our other baby. We felt firmly in God’s hands.

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  1. I am so glad to hear the good news! Your family has been on my mind all weekend knowing that you were on your way to Boston. Prayers continue for your sweet children and mom and dad.

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