Throwback Thursday of Three Years Ago

6 Nov

This time three years ago, I was at Norfolk General on anti-seizure and blood pressure medicine, laying on my left side and desperately willing Abby to stay put. Despite my sheer willpower to prevent having another sick child, there wasn’t anything we could do to slow the effects of Severe Preeclampsia.

So on November 9, Abigail Leigh Bensten, a name we decided on in the five minutes before they wheeled me into the operating room, came quietly into this world at 1 lb, 3 oz and just 12 inches long. (A one-pound ninja, remember?) And she decided to show us a thing or two about what she was capable of.

I thought since today is Throwback Thursday and Sunday is her third birthday (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!), I wanted to post a few pictures from the very beginning of my precious baby girl, sweet and feisty…and absolutely perfect from the miraculous beginning.


My first picture with Abby. We were both so sick.

The night Abby was born, Ev and my sister went to visit her in the NICU.

The night Abby was born, Ev and my sister went to visit her in the NICU.


Let your eyes take in all of Abby’s equipment just to keep her alive. Had my right hand on her foot, and my left hand wiping my tears.


Jackson’s three-year-old hand, touching Sissy’s foot.

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