You Know You’re a Summertime Mom When…

1 Jul

Do you know what’s really hard to do? Blog during the summer.

I’ve noticed some of my favorite mom bloggers have gone quiet. And, really, you’ll just have to forgive us. Occupying kids during the summer months takes preparation, lots of energy and strokes of motherhood brilliance… otherwise things go haywire.

And we’ve gone haywire.

Oh, I started out with plans. In May, I was all over Pinterest like a first-time mom planning a birthday party. I was looking into fun water activities (nailed it), researching good summer schedules (Fabulous & Fun Fridays? Count me in!), researching what to put into “idea jars” for when your kid says they’re bored and had intentions to make all things awesome (and unforgettable) this summer.

But then school actually let out and my awesome ran out. Fast. And I realized that I am not cut out to be Super-Pinterest woman. I like to think I’m a great “big picture” person and would be an excellent candidate for a personal assistant.

More importantly, I don’t have the energy of a six-year-old and the time of a college student with the summer off. I work and I mom and I make sure they smile more they cry. But really, I just referee, waitress and keep everyone alive until the lightening bugs come out.

If you’re into July and feeling a little guilty about your lack of amazing summer memories, please don’t. Sometimes your best is sun-kissed and cuddles, but more often than not, it’s still in your PJs at 2 in the afternoon, sneaking a cookie and counting down the minutes until Daddy comes home.

You know you’re a summertime mom when:

  1. This is the look your kid gives you when you even mention turning the electronics off.


    But you’ve been on it for two hours already!

  2. You let you three-year-old toss back a can of Coke while dressed in full princess attire.


    Because caffeine doesn’t affect her anymore after the NICU.

  3. You’re so glad they’re playing quietly on their own, you don’t care how big the mess gets or that they’re lounging on a dog bed.


    If the dog was willing to share, why should I be against it?

  4. You don’t even scold your kids when they spray each other in the face with the sprinkler because you tell yourself it’s an important life skill to learn.


    I mean…my brother did it to me and I turned out OK.

  5. You’ll gladly spend over $50 going to the movies and on snacks just so you can be somewhere quiet and in AC.


    Who wants to see Inside Out again??!!

  6. You suggest a “special treat” of an ice cream cone…really for yourself for getting through the day. But, I mean, the kids can get one too.

    photo(3) copy

    Three vanilla chocolate dipped cones, please.

  7. Everyone stays in their PJs (or pantless) with bedhead for the entire day. More than you’d care to admit.


    That hair would just need a bath to detangle it. So might as well stay in PJs until bedtime.

  8. Even the dogs CAN’T EVEN.


    I feel you, dawg.






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